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You could reduce your premium by providing your full driving license number But you can still get a quote without it. You'll find UK car insurance from major insurance companies across the market, making it easy to find one that's right for you. Every car on the market belongs to one of 50 car insurance groups — find out which ones are the cheapest to insure Read our list of frequently asked car insurance questions for the facts on why you need car insurance, the types of cover, excesses and more Black box insurance, also known as telematics or pay as you go insurance, could help you to save money.

But how does it work and is it right for you? Read on for our top 10 tips for cutting the cost of your car insurance, or get started now by comparing quotes below It may be tempting to opt for the cheapest policy available, but sacrificing quality of cover for a low price tag might give you an unwelcome and expensive shock later on Young drivers insurance for cars is notoriously expensive — find out why and what you can do to lessen the blow and find cheap insurance for young drivers There are always things we could be doing better,so if you spot something you feel could be improved, email us at editor uswitch.

The FCA promotes good business practice and fair financial markets - including the car insurance comparison market - to help consumers get a fair deal. All our policies feature a great range of benefits as standard. Plus, you can tailor your policy to suit your needs by choosing from optional extras like breakdown cover and car key insurance. If you've already started to get quotes for 17 to 25 car insurance, you might be a little shocked by the results.

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Insurance for young drivers is typically high because they're less experienced on the road, and are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident than older drivers. Just take these stats cited road safety charity Brake : drivers aged make up just 1. In particular, drivers aged are one third more likely to die in a crash than drivers aged Because young drivers are more likely to have an accident and make a claim, insurers balance out the increased risk with higher premiums. The cost of car insurance is calculated based on a wide range of factors.

These include things like your age, driving experience, type of car you drive, annual mileage and where you park your car overnight.

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While some factors like your age and experience can't be changed, there are some things you can do that will help to bring down the cost of cover. Such as…. All cars fall under an insurance group of between one and Group one cars are the cheapest to insure, while group 50 are the most expensive. So if you're yet to buy your car, doing plenty of research beforehand could really pay off.

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The only modifications that could lower your premium are ones that improve your car's security. And even then, they need to be industry-approved devices and your insurer will need to know about them before they're fitted. Bear in mind some modifications might make it impossible for a young driver like you to get insured — like superchargers, for instance.

When you get a quote for car insurance, you need to set what's known as an excess, which is the amount you'll pay in the event of a claim. Generally speaking, the greater the excess, the lower your premium — but just be sure you can afford your excess if you needed to claim. If your mum or dad is an experienced driver with a claim-free history, adding them to your policy could bring down the price. But be warned: it's illegal to name them as the main driver if they aren't, just to get cheaper insurance.

Easy-access Savings The best rates where you can make withdrawals. Fixed Rate Savings Boost your returns by locking away your money. News Government plans compensation… Up to 2, Thomas Cook customers…. News Green number plates to help electric… Six million insurance holders… New rules set to help travellers…. Insurance Records. Updated Monthly. Car Insurance The record's just 96p for a year's fully comprehensive cover.

News Barriers removed for some mortgage… Hundreds of ex-Virgin One mortgage…. Mortgage Best Buys Tool Compare mortgages and best deals on offer. The Demotivator Stops you spending when you can't afford it.

News Government's universal credit… Half of adults think banks should…. Facebook Twitter Print Whatsapp Mailme. In this guide. What is car insurance? For all the latest deals, guides and loopholes - join the 12m who get it. Got a car but hardly drive it? You still need insurance. Never auto-renew.

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Loyalty is expensive. Quick questions What will insurers charge me to stay? How can I haggle?

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Don't assume third party is the cheapest. MoneySaver Daniel. Quick questions What's the difference between third-party and comprehensive cover? Knowing the difference between the three main types of car insurance is a must: 1. Should I get third-party or comprehensive cover? Got more than one car? Martin's rule of thumb:. If you have different renewal dates, this is how it works.

Once your multi-car policy ends, all cars will then be up for renewal at the same time.

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How to compare prices. How multi-car insurers differ.

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When do I need to pay for additional car? Will you need to pay back any discount if additional car cancelled? Admiral At point of quote When you accept quote or when its cover is to start Yes plus admin fee Aviva When cover starts for extra car When its cover is to start No LV At point of quote When you accept quote or when its cover is to start No, but will get less discount at renewal.

Do all vehicles on the multi-car policy need to be registered at the same address? Then check existing policies for discounts Some other insurers do simply give a reduction for each additional policy added, while keeping the policies separate. Finally, check standalone ie, separate policies Sometimes it will work out cheaper to get individual policies for each car, rather than linking them.

Sometimes multi-car insurance works Adding a responsible 2nd or 3rd driver can cut costs, eg, your dad or Aunt Dot. Here are seven quick tips on how to do it most effectively… Car insurance is all about risk. Quick question What if I'm unemployed? Beware paying monthly — you're essentially taking an expensive loan. You can switch mid-year, so don't automatically wait for renewal.

There are three points to consider when doing this: You can usually cancel existing policies and get a refund for the rest of the year, providing you haven't claimed. You won't earn the current year's no-claims bonus if you switch so you'll need to be making a substantial saving to make this work. Quick questions Will my insurer remind me when it's time to renew?