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Cash is the only form of payment accepted.

Kansas Marriage Age Requirements Laws - FindLaw

If either of you has been divorced recently, there is a 30 day wait period from the time the Divorce Decree was filed before you can receive your Wichita, Kansas marriage license. After you have purchased your marriage license you will need to set an appointment with the judge that you would like to perform the ceremony. When you fill out your application for you Sedgwick County marriage license you can pick up a list of the judges that perform wedding ceremonies.

You can order your Wichita, Kansas marriage certificate in person, by phone, or online. With identification, the bride or groom can get a copy of the marriage certificate at the Sedgwick County Courthouse in the Records department on the 6th floor.


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Residency Requirement

Related Articles. Do You Like This Content? This deposit is returned within sixty days following the wedding. The deposit will not be returned if the wedding is cancelled or the facility is misused or damaged by the host families, wedding party, or guests.

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The church wedding coordinator has priority in planning all weddings at Plymouth. Preliminary arrangements for the ceremony, and all other church related arrangements for the wedding, will be discussed and planned with the wedding coordinator.

Her responsibilities include: planning the ceremony with the couple, coordinating all vendors secured by the couple i. Each wedding is unique; therefore she meets with each couple as often as needed to help plan a ceremony and wedding day that is well organized.

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  5. Part of the Wedding Planning Notebook received by each couple is the packet that is used as the basis for planning the ceremony. Plymouth is pleased to provide this opportunity for each couple to be a participant in this important process. Rehearsals are held for ALL participants to learn what is expected of them so that the wedding day and ceremony will run smoothly. The officiating minister and wedding coordinator are responsible for directing the rehearsal. Information and plans made previously with the wedding coordinator and the couple will be used to facilitate an orderly and expedient rehearsal.

    Rehearsals will start punctually and will last approximately one hour to ninety minutes. The church organist has the priority to play for all weddings due to the special training needed for the sanctuary pipe organ. The grand piano is available for guest musicians. The couple can arrange for their own vocalist s and instrumentalist s or can ask the wedding coordinator for assistance. Instrumentalists are to bring their own amplifiers and equipment. The sound equipment at Plymouth is mainly designed for speaking and singing. Only the staff has access to the church sound equipment.

    The sanctuary of the church is designed for worship and incorporates symbols of the Christian faith. Additional flowers and decorations are welcome, but they must not obscure furnishings and symbols, damage the church facilities, or be objectionable to the minister or wedding coordinator. Special event decorations i. Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving will not be removed for a wedding and must be included. If you wish to leave flowers for use in worship on the Sunday service following the wedding, discuss the arrangements with the wedding coordinator.

    An acknowledgment will be written in the worship bulletin. Pictures will be the responsibility of the designated photographer. Flash and the sound of camera shutters are obtrusive to the worshipful atmosphere; therefore, family and guests are not permitted to use cameras during the ceremony. Families are encouraged to bring cameras to the rehearsal to record the preparation for the wedding day.

    Kansas Marriage License Information

    The photographer and videographer are located in the back of the sanctuary or in the balcony, not in the aisles. Flash may be used before and during the Processional and Recessional. Video cameras may be used only from the balcony or the back of the church. Arrangements must be made in consultation with the wedding coordinator.

    A marriage license from the state of Kansas is required. It is to be delivered to the wedding coordinator no later than thirty 30 days before the wedding date.